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Learnali FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of Career is Learnali preparing me for?

Learnali will prepare you for any job/pursuit that requires general management competence. Our courses and classes cater to people working across an increasingly wide range of industries – everything from business, consultancy, governance, leadership management, and technology. Increasingly, some students use our course to help establish their own venture or return to help run a family business.

Difference between taking a course and joining a class

You can decide to take any course (free or paid) that suit the skill you want to develop on Learnali. However, you need to apply to join a class. A class contains a well-structured curriculum of different courses required for you to be a professional in a field.

What they say about us

Students Testimonial.

The Knowledge I acquired have made me learn, unlearn and relearn a lot of things, my knowledge of leadership and management has broadened and the value gotten was immense. Armed with all this, I'm ready to implement my goals and move on to the next phase of my individual and organization projects. Thank you Learnali.

Duoku Flora Emmanuela Editor at Cool FM

I wouldn't fail to appreciate the Learnali for providing a learning environment for us all. My class on Transformational Leadership has really been educative. If you are not increasing you intellectual capacity with Learnali you are really missing out.

Hillary Onyebuchi Nnadi Minister of God

It was another lovely teaching today. I had another great insight into Political awareness skill and tips on how to develop them. No doubt Learnali is the best place for me.

Abubakar Saheed Olamide Mechatronics Engineer

I commend the Learnali for this very timely opportunity and I must say I'm sincerely grateful to be a part of this family. Thank you so much Learnali for the scholarship. This is an opportunity I won't take for granted.

Marvelene Ekott Therahub Africa

Thanks to the Learnali for creating this awesome privilege to learn. Now I have a direction on how to manage my team I can't forget my amazing classmates their contributions in class are mind-blowing.

Peculiar Jewel Manager
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