Learnali Scholarship Program 2021 - Powered by IBM Digital Nation Africa

13 May 2021 Learnali Admin 1 News

Learnali in partnership with IBM as part of the IBM Digital Nation Africa is giving scholarships to 10,000 Africans to learn a tech skill in the Techify Africa program.

This program will give participants free access to learn tech skills, acquire professional certification, and get connected to job recruiters. 

Selected applicants will have access to courses, projects, and skill assessments to advance their career in any of the following fields: coding, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, data science and analytics, cloud, blockchain and quantum computing.


1. Combine your credentials to form a complete overview of your skills.
2. Opportunity to get professional micro-credentials and certification.
3. Provide employers with easy, valid verification of your credentials.
4. Job opportunities.


1. You must be a citizen of any African country
2. You must be 18 years and above

APPLY NOW: http://ibm-techify.learnali.com

Application ends: May 25, 2021.

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    Nice work