This course consists of everything that a company does to identify customers' needs and designs products to meet those needs. You will learn about the concept of stakeholders and identify the stakeholder groups relevant to an organization. You should enrol if you are interested in entrepreneurship or you want to start up a business.


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Course Timeline:
A true-life story
What is a business
Business Participants and Activities
Pleasing stakeholders can be a real balancing act for any company.
The activities needed to operate a business can be divided into a number of functional areas.
Functional Areas of Business
Apple and other businesses don’t operate in a vacuum
End of course

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  • By: Divine Nwafor
    1 year ago

    This course will go a long way in enhancing my productive in my IT work. Learning and arriving at product design for different categories of clients is essential. Am so happy participating in this platform

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    I am Justin PYAME from DRC and i want to improve my professional skills.

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    5 star

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    Am super excited to learn this course.

    1 year ago

    I'm excited to have this knowledge. Thanks Learnali

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