The diversity in today's workplace means we must be more sensitive to those other cultures, as much as people from other cultures must be sensitive to yours. In this course, you will learn how people with different abilities, skills, and personalities build effective work teams and how organizations foster a work environment that allows employees an opportunity to develop and grow.


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Course Timeline:
Introduction and learning outcomes
Building Back Trust on the Back End
Several factors can be identified that influence employee behaviour and performance.
Abilities and skills generally represent those physical and intellectual characteristics
From a managerial standpoint, a key aspect of mental ability is cognitive complexity
The second set of variables relates to someone’s physical abilities
The second individual difference variable deals with the concept of personality
Early research on personality development focused on the issue of whether heredity or environment determined an individual’s personality.
Personality theories that utilize the trait approach have proven popular among investigators of employee behaviour in organizations.
Managing change
Most theories of personality stress that an individual’s personality becomes complete only when the individual interacts with other people
Managing change
A factor that has surprised many business leaders is the alarming rise in accusations of unethical or disreputable behaviour in today’s companies.
Standard behaviours
We are getting close to the end of this course and we will be discussing the role of culture and cultural diversity in organizational behaviour.
What is culture?
There are several ways to distinguish different cultures from one another.
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End of course

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