Entrepreneurship study helps you turn an idea into a viable venture. In this course, you will learn how entrepreneurs validate concepts, decide on the type of business, refine their business strategy, market their business idea, and run the business to create value.


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Course Timeline:
Welcome to the course
Can you recognise who you are?
Why are you doing what you are doing?
Hear Banerjee describe how medium-sized businesses are different from small businesses.
From small business to medium-size
What kind of business structures are there?
What structure do I need?
Small business approach
How to shape your business with this canva
Defining the terms of a business model
Why do some businesses succeed when others don’t?
Generating your VP
How do you create value for your users?
Increasing Value across 4 dimensions
To do
The year 2020 came with a lot of unexpected circumstances...
What does speed and direction mean to you?
Learn more about the mind as a tool to help you navigate through the crisis.
Learn from Harvard Business School Professor, Frances Frei and trust specialist, Rachel Botsman.
n this lesson, you will hear from Occupational Psychologist Shauna McVeigh as well as social media specialist Cilla Richards as they share their thoughts.
In this lesson, you will hear from Peter Harrington as he chats with expert guest and start-up survivor Richard Hughes Jones
Startups wishing to grow or scale must build a team that is productive and well-led. 
In this lesson, you will learn from two of the very brightest entrepreneurial money-minds working with startups.
Hear from former Apple employee (George Deriso)

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  • By: Adedapo Olaoyenikan
    2 years ago

    A blueprint and necessary for entrepreneurs

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