I have designed this course on interview skills so that I can share with you some of the best techniques and top tips from recruiters to help you succeed when you go for an interview for a job or course. You will also be encouraged to participate in activities and quizzes that will help you better understand the topic and gain practical tips to improve your interview skills. More so, you will learn how to market yourself and anticipate interviewers questions. Enrol to the course now for free to get started.


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Course Timeline:
Setting the stage for this course. Get an overview of everything you will learn and the best way to understand this course.
In an ideal world your interviewer will be highly trained, experienced, and a good judge of character. In reality, your interviewer may be some or none of these things.
Preparation is the key to a successful interview so don’t overlook the practical details or leave things to the last minute.
You would be amazed how many candidates turn up for interview not knowing what the organisation or institution does or what the job or course involves.
List of the skills most commonly sought by recruiters
A key part of interview preparation is thinking about the topics and questions that may come up and how you can use the opportunity to market yourself as the most suitable candidate.
If there are time gaps in your application, you should think about how you can talk about this positively in an interview.
First impressions are crucial. Your visual impact, such as the way you dress, your facial expressions and your body language, can help you to create a positive first impression.
Getting your message across isn’t just about what you say or how you look when you’re saying it.
STAR is an extremely useful tool to help you answer those tricky questions that come up on application forms and at interview.
Where the recruitment process involves more than one interview stage, your first interview might be carried out by telephone or video as it is a cost-effective way of handling large numbers of applications.
As with telephone interviews, video interviews are becoming more popular with organisations and institutions as part of the recruitment process.
This article will be especially useful if you’ve got an interview coming up that is likely to be a bit different from the usual, standard format.
Many job interviews involve giving a presentation, usually to a number of people from the organisation.
Making a good final impression is just the same as making a good first impression
After an interview candidates will often torment themselves endlessly over every tiny slip or slightly imperfect answer.

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    The course was an educative one. I learnt lot of things and keys to become successful in an interview. This course also enlightens on the need for personal development.

  • By: Mercy Orisatuyi
    2 years ago

    Nice teachings ans Articles...... Thank you for the Sound teachings

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    2 years ago

    Thank you for this training. Now, I can go for interviews with renewed confidence. I am so grateful.

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    Great platform for learning and it's really expository. God bless

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    2 years ago

    Thanks for this course. Have learnt a lot about questions to be ask by interviewers and how to answer them during interviews and lots more😇