This course is about Human Resources and procedures from making a staffing plan to recruitment and retention. You will learn about recruitment procedures, from the very steps taken by the HR department to the employee's probationary period. Mark Perkins is a highly experienced trainer and educationalist. His clients include large companies from European companies such as SKF, Sandvik, and Nordea, and government authorities and agencies in Sweden and Finland. In Poland, he is the Educational Director of the MBA in Big Data and Digitalization offered by UITM university.

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Course Timeline:
Lesson 1 concerns forming a good staffing plan.
Lesson 2 is about the importance of making a clear job description when recruiting.
In this lesson, you will learn about the selection process from job ad to interview and recruitment.
This lesson gives full examples of the categories and questions used by HR managers in job interviews.
This lesson provides the main clauses in a contract of employment with selected commentary.
The Probationary period is an essential part of the employee's start in a new job. This lesson gives information as to how HR departments conduct this process.
In this lesson, you will learn about the employment rights that HR departments are normally obliged to offer an employee.
This lesson explains why staff retention is important and how HR departments deal with this issue.

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