In this course, you are going to learn some of the best practices you can use when applying for jobs, apprenticeships, placements and university courses. We'll look at a different element of the application process, from preparing to apply, to writing CVs and completing application forms. We'll also learn how to understand more about a recruiter and what they are looking for.


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Before applying for jobs or courses, you should be sure of the type of job that you are interested in or the subject area that you wish to study.
When you are applying for any type of job or course, you will be expected to demonstrate that you have a wide range of skills, personal attributes and knowledge, as well as academic abilities and other experience.
It’s time to turn your attention to what the recruiters are looking for in a new recruit.
Employers expect you to know about their business and this needs to come across in your application and your interview.
How to make an impression with your CV
Learn how to market yourself effectively when communicating with recruiters
Applicant tracking systems can vary in levels of sophistication and you don’t want to be rejected because the system has missed or misread what you have to say.
It's becoming more common for employers to use social media to screen applicants. Many of these will reject you if you give a bad impression.
The covering letter is as important as your CV because it allows you to explain why you are attracted to the job or course and the organisation concerned, as well as make the match between your skills, knowledge and experience, and what they need.
Personal statements are most commonly associated with applications for study, although many employers also use them in applications for jobs.
To make an application stand out, there's a couple of things you need to have in mind.

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    2 years ago

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